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Money Show or goods which earns Money!

Money Show or goods which earns Money!

The past year is marked as one of the most productive and the brightest, rich with significant events not only for customers and partners of Emgoldex. The end of the year was the same effective, at the Eve of the Christmas season nobody stopped his own wish to earn and achieve goals.

In Athens, the capital of Greece, on December 21-22, 2013 a grand event MONEY SHOW was held at the Hilton Athens Hotel — the largest exhibition in the Balkan region, where more than 200 international companies, banks, insurance companies, commercial and non-profit organizations took part. They provided information to professionals and all comers on the methods and possibilities of earnings, preservation and increase of their funds. The general main topic proved its popularity, so the exhibition was attended by over 40,000 people for two days.


Oleg Ulyanov, Ostap Pecheniy Dr.Nikolaos Loutis, who are the Top leaders of Emgoldex, presented the most mysterious goods — gold bars, which constantly rises in price. This goods has not changed its shape and composition since the very origin! Investment gold opportunities are endless! The company leaders presented all possibilities of tax-free purchase and sale, safekeeping, as well as the marketing program in order to promote that elite product, thanks to which you can make money in the modern market. The Emgoldex company generously pays in Gold to its customers, who promote this clear product effectively – investment gold.

Gold interest in Greece is very high. A lot of citizens understand the instability of the economy and prefer gold to traditional methods of money saving. Instead of deposit opening and saving bank accounts they buy investment gold. The city administration and in particular Mr. Nikos Verlekis, the Deputy Mayor of Athens, also showed his great interest to EMGOLDEX, as in the conditions of economic instability the EMGOLDEX marketing program gives the chance to people to solve questions of employment and additional income. The EMGOLDEX company slogan "THERE IS A SOLUTION NOW!" became the key-words of the Show!

We give a lot of thanks to the Show participants and company leaders, who stop at nothing and achieve the highest goals, who work and develop our common business. All these activities make our product even more popular and well known all over the world.

Your working potential and your aspiration of making our common business and future are the subjects of admiration. We'd like to assist you in the achievements of the same and even more high goals.


Category: Company news      Publication date: 2014-01-07 17:00

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